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I have worked on some design projects, including art direction:

Fabrication, Photography, and Design for a CD lyric booklet with themes of emotional catharsis.

Fabrication, Story, and Animation for a two-minute film about a gardener in space. 
See the short film here.

I worked with nonprofit galleries to create graphics for exhibitions.

As a Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Intern, I created exhibition materials for Angels Gate Cultural Center following brand guidelines and using the gallery’s assets.

For South Bay Contemporary Gallery, I designed printed material to accompany an exhibition of art made from recycled plastics. These were created for use in classrooms and the gallery.

I design vectors that communicate simply with color and shape.

Flat motifs inspired by organic shapes in nature.

A chart displaying the best time for four friends living in different time zones to share a video call.

A yarn-themed playing card design with a plum palette.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio!